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Same Day Small Dent & Door Ding Repair

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Express Dent & Door Ding Repair

Same-day small dent and door ding repair.  Drop off your vehicle in the morning and pick it up dent free.  In many cases, we can fix your dent or ding while you wait.  Just call for an appointment or stop by our facility. 

Have a few dents on your hood or roof of your vehicle?  This may be hail damage and it is covered under insurance. 

Save Time, Money & Your Factory Paint

Small Dent & Door Ding Repair

with Paintless Dent Repair

Boulder Door Ding Repair

No Insurance. No Problem.

Don’t file an insurance claim for a small dent or door ding.  Depending on the size and location, most smaller dents and door dings can be repaired for less than your deductible.  As long as we can access the dent and the paint isn’t chipped or damaged, we can fix it with Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). When we are done, it will look perfect. We guarantee it.

Stop driving with dents. Fix a small dent or door ding for less than your deductible.

-The Dent Company

Dents and dings are generally not covered under normal wear and tear when you lease a vehicle.  The leasing company will charge you for dent repair for each dent.  If that cost is more than your deductible, you are on the hook for the difference as well.  Before your vehicle lease is up, give us a call.  We can usually repair your dents & dings for a lot less than the leasing company will charge.

We give volume discounts to fleet and municipality customers. Law enforcement vehicles, city vehicles or school district vehicles…we can accommodate them all. We put a priority on fleet vehicles and get them back in service ASAP.

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